Here at Michael Santos Photography, I offer my clients a professional, luxurious and fully personalized service.

From the introductory consultation over coffee, to an in-person reveal of your portraits and hand delivery of your finished beautiful works of art, I am with you every step of the way.

I am here to make your experience not only an enjoyable one, but as carefree as possible.

Let’s Connect
Over a relaxed telephone conversation, tell me a little about yourself and your family. Whether you’re expecting a new baby, your precious bundle is a year older, you’re desperate to capture the magic of your babies’ childhoods before they are gone forever, or it has just been far too long since you had your family portraits taken, I want to share in the excitement with you! Together we will discuss any visions you have for your session and briefly discuss your exciting experience ahead.

Introductory & Planning Consultation
At our completely non-obligatory Introductory & Planning Consultation, we will discuss your session, plan your wardrobe and styling to suit your family and design your custom Artwork to complement your lifestyle and home. I will bring along samples of the beautiful products that I offer so you can get an idea of how you might like to display your art from your session. Viewing and holding the products in person helps you to fully appreciate the quality and stunning appearance of everything I offer.

If you are unsure, that’s ok, I am here to guide you through the entire process!

We can also chat about any lingering concerns, ideas you have and finally, book in a date, time and decide on one of the many beautiful locations that I like to visit with my clients.

Consultations are preferred at your home, but we can meet over a warm beverage (and slice, of course) at a local coffee shop or a cold drink at a local lounge.

Your Portrait Session
On the day of your session, we will meet at the agreed time and location and get the fun started!

Your session is a time for you and your family to relax and enjoy your time together. Try not to worry about whether your children are smiling at the camera. Just soak up this time together away from the distractions of everyday life and allow me to capture some beautiful, authentic moments between you and your family. We will take as much time as needed to get your little ones used to the camera and to feel relaxed, safe and comfortable.

Be sure to bring some yummy snacks and water for your child and yourself. Pack a change of clothes too! – Kids are, after all, unpredictable.

If you have any meaningful items you would like to have included in your portraits please feel free to bring them along. Whether it be your son’s beloved bunny, your daughter’s violin or your favorite bouquet of flowers, personal touches can bring something extra special to your portraits.

In-Person Reveal and Ordering Session
An exciting and highly customized portrait ordering session in the comfort of your home, designed to streamline your experience. I will be on hand to answer questions and offer advice based on your needs. This is often an exciting and emotional time as you will be viewing your beautiful portraits for the first time on a custom slideshow.

It is then, with my guidance, you will choose your favorite images and design and order your custom art work. I work alongside the absolute best artisans in the Country to ensure that your artwork is of the very best quality, to be enjoyed and admired for generations to come.

Please note that all decision makers must be present at this appointment as your order will be placed that day. Clients typically spend between $1,500-$3,000, and sometimes more!

Your grandkids won’t be on FaceBook.

Everyone loves posting images online. “I just want the disc.” “Can I have the digital files?” This is the battle cry of the modern bride, but let’s take a little step back and think this through.

Sure you get the disc, but then what? You’ll order 15 4×6 prints, then you put all 600 images in a Facebook album. Is that really the best home for your wedding images? What if you were married 12 years ago and had stuffed them all into your MySpace account?  Oops. 🙂

Seriously, your images deserve more. They deserve to be shared and looked at for what they are. The beginning of your family. The launch of your marriage. Your wedding images are the FIRST book in the volumes of memories your family will have together.

Ever since you were a little child you’ve understood the concept of a book.  A book tells a story.  A book takes us on a journey and tells us what is important.  Your wedding day is a story that’s never been told.  Your wedding book will tell the whole story of your day.  It starts when your day starts and ends when your day ends.  It contains your friends, your parents, your grandparents, and that awkward dance your cousin did at your reception.  It is a story that no one has seen or read before, but one that you’ll want to remember, retell, and relive for years and years.

Hand Delivery Your Art and Reveal
Once this process is complete, I will personally hand-deliver your finished Art to your home. This is one of my favorite parts of the whole process, you finally get to see your amazing artwork!