Orange County Engagement Locations

I have been wanting to create a list for a long time of some of the Best Orange County Engagement Locations for engagement photography for a while now. Orange County has countless engagement locations so this guide will be a great starting point. I’ll go over the ideal times to visit as well as any permit or location fees associated with it. As always, if you have any other locations in mind I am always open to shooting at a new location!

Your Favorite Restaurant/Bar

One thing I always encourage my clients to do is to make their engagement session unique to them. Going to your favorite spot always creates a fun and romantic session that has extra meaning to you.

Permit Fee: Varies By Location

Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach is a gorgeous beach located in Laguna Beach. It’s mainly known for its rock formations and an old tower referred to as Pirate’s Tower. Victoria Beach is located within a neighborhood, so parking is extremely limited. It is best to go during the week as it often gets crowded on the weekends. In order to shoot here, we need to make sure that it is a safe tide date and a permit is available.

Permit Fee: $100

Santa Ana Historic District

A fun urban engagement session location, the Santa Ana Historic District offers an endless amount of photo ideas. It’s fun to just walk around and see what we find. There’s everything from small unique locations to shoot in, to old, classic architecture. The Historic District is fun to have a session with some personality.

Permit Fee: None

Huntington Beach Pier

If you want a pier in your background, then Huntington Beach Pier is a must. With soft sand and mild waves, the pier is perfect for engagement photos. I definitely recommend this only on the weekdays, as it will be less crowded. You are able to get photos under the pier as well as around it. The Huntington Beach pier is great all year long, but definitely gets more crowded in the Summer months.

Permit Fee: None

James Dilley Preserve

Close to Downtown Laguna, James Dilley Preserve is a great meadow-like hiking path. A nice and quick walk up the path will allow for some beautiful nature engagement photos. During the Springtime, the field is green and during the Summer and Fall it turns golden brown. Park Rangers typically close the gate at 5pm

Permit Fee: None

Caspers Wilderness Park

Huge, 8,000-acre park preserve with camping, wildlife sightings, nature walks, trails & more. Provides plenty of great options for engagement photos. Just have to be aware of bugs! During the Springtime, the park is green and during the Summer and Fall it turns golden brown.

Fees: About $5 Per Car

Balboa Fun Zone

If you want your engagement session to feel like you are on a fun date, then the Balboa Fun Zone is the perfect place. Located on Balboa Peninsula close to the pier, offers both an ocean and amusement park feel to your photos. I always encourage my couples to get on the Ferris Wheel or play some games, or even pop into some of the stores and get some fun snacks.


If you are a Disney fan, then a Disneyland engagement session is a must! Although technically professional photography is not allowed, it is still possible to have a session here. As long as you don’t interrupt the flow of regular park attendees you should be good. Just note, I always try to get photos with no one in the background, but with all the people at Disneyland it’s not always possible.

Fees: Park Admission + Parking

Treasure Island Beach

Located directly South of the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, Treasure Island offers an incredible archway to take photos in. A quick walk from the small parking lot, this an easy walk. Treasure Island offers rock formations that allow you to get the ocean behind.

Permit Fee: $100

Rockpile Beach (Heisler Beach)

Heisler Beach is another great spot in Laguna Beach. It’s about a block away from Downtown Laguna which is a beautiful area to do engagement photos in. Parking is a little better here as there is a park right about the beach which has some great paved pathways for photos. Heisler Beach also has some great rock formations to get some epic photos on. In order to shoot here, we need to make sure that it is a safe tide date and a permit is available.

Permit Fee: $100

Thomas F Riley Wilderness Park

Located in Coto De Caza, just outside of Mission Viejo, the Thomas F Riley Wilderness Park is a 544 acre wildlife sanctuary. With easy hiking paths along meadows and tall mature trees. This park looks great all year long, but during the fall is when there will be the open golden fields. This is a popular family photography location as well, so it tends to get crowded during the fall more than usual.

Permit Fee: None

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano is a year-round beautiful historic location close to downtown San Juan Capistrano. It’s maintained all year long and has various Spanish buildings on site to do engagement photos in front of. Close by to Victoria Beach, this is a great starting location to your engagement session. The Mission closes at 5 year-round.

Fees: (Non-Members) $150 an hour + Entrance Fee Per Person

Jeffrey Open Space Trail

This is a hidden gem in the Tustin/Irvine area. It’s a neighborhood park that spans a few blocks and is typically very well maintained. Parking is super easy and you can literally park 20 feet from where we can take engagement photos. It features a meadowy/forest look as well as a paved walkway, and there’s even a tunnel! Jeffrey Open Space typically looks evergreen all year long.

Quail Hill

Located right off the freeway in Irvine, quail hill is easily accessible. It features a little hiking pathway along the meadows. Depending on the season, the meadows can look vastly different, in the Springtime, they are green with flowers and in the Summer/Fall they turn a golden brown. There is also a section that is covered with trees and looks green throughout the year.

Permit Fee: None

Irvine Regional Park

Irvine Regional Park features 160 acres of grass and meadows. It even has a pond and railroad tracks in the middle. On the outskirts there are some meadows that look great depending on the time of year.

Fees: About $5 Per Car

Upper Newport Bay Preserve

With approximately 1,000 acres of open space, there are plenty of hiking paths to choose from at the Upper Newport Bay Preserve. It is well maintained all year long and after our limited rain season, the flowers really come out to bloom. Another thing that I really like about the preserve is that it is open until sunset allowing for a full golden hour session.

Permit Fee: None

Moulton Meadows

Moulton Meadows is a hilltop park with some great scenic views. Located in the hills overlooking Laguna Beach, this is a great starting point to an epic Victoria Beach engagement session. During the Springtime, the field is green and during the Summer and Fall it turns golden brown. Moulton Meadows also has some cactus-like plants for a little variety as well.

Permit Fee: None

Your Home

And lastly, another great engagement photography location is your home! The ultimate place for you guys to be yourselves and have fun. It’s great when my clients do an activity in their home that represents them. You could cook or bake something, or just relax and enjoy each others company on the couch.

Fee: None

I hope this guide helps as a starting point for planning your engagement session. These are a few of my favorite Orange County Engagement Locations but there are plenty more! I am always open to doing sessions in new locations, so feel free to contact me and we can start planning your amazing engagement session.