Here are some of the most common questions regarding most stages of planning and shooting. Please feel free to send an email if there are any questions you have that weren’t answered below.

I absolutely love destinations, so the answer to your question is a resounding, “Yes!” I have a separate contract for destination weddings, which details accommodations and travel expenditures.
Yes, I have experience in many fields of photography. Please contact me so I can show you the proper portfolio.
I shoot in Large Raw format. This allows me to capture the most detail in an image and provides the best resources in the editing process.
For portraits and engagement sessions, it take 3-4 weeks. For weddings, it takes 4-6 weeks. Rush editing is available for an additional fee.
Yes, I blog every session and wedding unless otherwise instructed by clients.
All dates are reserved once we receive your signed contract and deposit.
Yes. The retail adjustment fee for all credit card transactions is 3% of the charged amount.
Unfortunately no. Deposits are used to reserve your date. Once I’ve reserved your date, I do not accept new clients for your date.
Generally no, but this is taken on a case by case basis. The reason for canceling and our availability is taken into account. Also, if rates change from your original date to your new date, the new rates will apply.
I do not offer discounts on Sunday weddings and off-season weddings. As you may know, wedding season is almost year round here in sunny California. Because of that I am shooting throughout the year. I also cannot offer discounts on weekday weddings as all of the costs (second shooter rates, etc.) associated with the wedding remain the same.
Unfortunately, collecting in cash does not exempt a photography studio from paying California sales tax on the amount of the package price when a physical product is delivered, whether that product be an album or any other physical product. However, I do offer tax-free services and packages that fall within California State Law if you would like a service only package.
I encourage you to do your engagement session as soon as possible. The latest I suggest is at least eight weeks prior to the wedding date due to the time necessary to post produce each image (4 weeks) and complete your product order(s) (4 weeks).
Because most weddings occur on weekends, I typically do not shoot engagement sessions on weekends. If you can only do your engagement session on a weekend, I can tentatively schedule your engagement session on a weekend, however, if a wedding is scheduled for that weekend later on, I will have to reschedule your engagement session. There will also be an additional charge for weekend engagement sessions because the few weekends I have free, I spend with my family. I also like to shoot on weekdays because locations are typically less crowded.
Custom save-the-date images are priced at $100 per image and can be added on to any package through our website.
Your engagement session images will be completed no more than 4 weeks after the date of the shoot. If you require the images to be completed prior to 4 weeks after the date of your shoot, a rush-edit fee of $100.00 will be charged.
I have shot at hundreds of venues, so there is a good chance that I have. However, if I have not, I will get to the venue early on the day of and be sure to perform a thorough walk-through to scout out the best photography locations. I also do extensive online research prior to your big day!
I have shot in the darkest of dark chapels and reception halls so no need to worry! If the situation allows, I will set up additional lighting to ensure I get focused pictures. Some chapels do not allow for flash photography; and for that reason, I shoot on cameras with superb low-light performance and lenses with low apertures to allow the most light in.
The contract you sign states that Michael Santos Photography photographers are the only photographers allowed to shoot on your wedding day. This helps promote my creativeness and ensures you get the best photos. I do offer additional shooters depending on the photo package you choose. As long as guests do not infringe upon our space, they can take pictures with their cameras/phones.
I can provide a detailed breakdown of how much time you would need to have set aside for your wedding photos.
For a variety of reasons, I have to charge for the time in between events. The fact is, we’re never truly resting during the day, whether we’re backing up images, setting up for the second venue, traveling to the second location, taking venue shots, or making up for lost photo time because of wedding day delays. In many cases, we use that “downtime” to take you and your significant other out for a photo session or more family portraits.
I understand that not everything goes as planned during a wedding. I never pack up before the contracted time; and moreover I’m not leaving on the dot when the contracted time is up. Instead, I will ask you at the end of your contracted time whether or not you would like to extend. If you would like me to stay, I will charge the rates specified in your contract rounded to the closest 30-minute increment.
Yes I do. Every image we deliver is post produced with my unique signature style of post production. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone-mapping, and other corrections. Many photographers will not post produce any images, or will only post produce “select” images from your wedding. This means that you may have pictures that are too dark, have strange skin tones or other common photography flaws.
“Touching up” is giving every delivered image my signature (basic) post production. See the question below for clarification.
Advanced post production includes touch ups such as removal of blemishes, removal of bags under eyes, removal of fly-away hairs, etc. On the other hand, custom post production is anything that requires extensive, custom work in Photoshop such as removing entire objects from the scene, changing the size and shape of body parts or other objects in the scene, adding objects to a scene and other custom work. I charge hourly for the custom post production as the time required ranges depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact me for a quote for custom post production.
In most cases, you can print your photos up to 20×30 without any quality loss. If you’d like to print larger than 12×18, additional post-production will be required. For pricing on these services, please contact me.