Being a wedding photographer has allowed me to see some great places and has allowed me to share some of the greatest days in peoples lives. I love it when I see my clients turned friends having the time of their lives on their big day.

I have never really gotten the chance to do any traveling for myself, usually I travel all over Southern California for photography. This was definitely a great time for personal growth and development.

One day I will hopefully get into doing destination weddings, being able to capture memories for my clients through my lens all over the world.

The first stop on my trip was Munich, Germany. I landed on a cold and blistery day, and had to catch the train out of the airport.



Coming out of the train station to this beautiful building was mesmerizing.



On the second day, I climbed what seemed to be an endless amount of stairs in a tower to get a view of the city.

0003_European_Destination-Photography 0004_European_Destination-Photography


A local suggested that I check out a local surfing spot that wasn’t too far away. Weird, I thought, seeing as how we were landlocked. They tried to put giant cement blocks in the canal to get the water to slow down through the park, this is the result.


I was able to attend my first ever soccer match. I must say, soccer is definitely sport that has die-hard fans around the world.


On to the second destination of my trip, The Netherlands.


About 5 days into my trip and finally the sun decided to come out for a bit.


Third stop on my trip was in Paris, France. And I must say, I definitely need to go back. There was just so much to take in.



This is the Notre-Dame de Paris. The inspiration for the story most of us have heard of, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”


The architecture around the Louvre was simply breathtaking. Fit for a king is an understatement.0011_European_Destination_Photography


As beautiful as Paris is, there is very urban feel to it. Trains are definitely the best way to get around in cities in Europe.0012_European_Destination_Photography

I visited The Palace of Versailles. Where King Louis XIV had a magnificent garden created on the 17 acres of land.0013_European_Destination_Photography 0014_European_Destination_Photography 0015_European_Destination_Photography


No trip to Paris would be complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower. At night the lights are amazing. 0016_European_Destination_Photography 0018_European_Destination_Photography 0017_European_Destination_Photography


With a quick stop in Milan, Italy, I learned the hard way that almost all stores and restaurants are closed, but that didn’t stop me from seeing The Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral.


Aside from the graffiti on this street in Madrid, Spain, it would have been the perfect backdrop for a movie scene.


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