Destination Wedding Photography Information

My work as a wedding photographer has taken me all around. I have been fortunate enough to shoot destination weddings in several cities, and am excited to hear more about your overseas wedding.

In recent years there has been more and more interest in getting married abroad. As a destination wedding photographer, I thrive off the energy and excitement of brides and grooms who choose to have a wedding in a foreign city or country and love every second of it.

Destination weddings bring with them a whole new set of challenges as a photographer, but I believe that with my experience, I am the right photographer for you.


When organizing your destination wedding, it can be tempting to search for a photographer based near your wedding venue. Wedding photography rates may be more attractive in some countries, and there’ll be no additional travel expenses incurred by you.

Although a local photographer will arguably be more knowledgable about the locality than a destination wedding photographer like myself, there are some other issues to consider when making your decision.

Aside from basic considerations like their fluency in English and respect of your culture, manners and traditions, it’s also difficult to make a decision on a wedding photographer if you haven’t met them, or at least spoken to them. And what if they shoot your wedding and then never hear back from them? It’ll be hard to get in contact with them.

You’ll be spending the most important day of your life with your wedding photographer right by your side – I can’t stress enough how important it is that you get along well with them! The photos will show just how comfortable you felt with your wedding photographer being up close and personal…

There’s nothing more exciting to me than shooting a wedding in a new location, exotic or not, and destination weddings really open the doors to creativity through natural wedding photography.

Will a local wedding photographer feel like this? Probably not! To them you are just another client that will be gone in a few days.


First and least romantic of all, the cost of a destination wedding is a major consideration.

What are Destination Wedding Photography Fees and Prices?

My destination wedding photography packages are the same as my regular wedding photography packages. The only additional costs that my clients would be responsible for are as follows:

  • Airfare
  • Baggage fees
  • Ground Transportation (parking, rental car, Uber, shuttle)
  • Hotel accommodations (Ideally in the same hotel as the events. Typically, 2 nights minimum, but varies by event)
  • Vendor meals for the day of the event(s)
  • Per Diem: $60/day per photographer for meals on travel days and days not covering events

How many people do we need to fly out?

Depending on your package, timeline, guest count, and program, we would need you to fly out up to 3 people. In addition, we would like to depart for the destination a day in advance. The reason for this is that we would like to have plenty of time to scout out your wedding venue as well as ensure that we will be on time to the location on the day of your wedding. As for the departing flight, we typically have the tickets booked for the day after your last event, preferably at a later time.

Do I need to book the flights?

If you’d like to use your travel miles/rewards and book those flights on your own, I would just like to ask that you send over the flight information ahead of time just so that I may approve the details (flight times, transfers, layovers, etc.)

Do you offer discounted packages for destination weddings?

Unfortunately, I do not offer discounted packages for my destination weddings so the prices would be the same as our regular packages with the additional travel/lodging costs.

Can I book any accommodations for the team?

I ask that all accommodations be in safe and secure locations to ensure the safety of the shooters, our equipment, and your photos and video. AirBnB’s are acceptable as well, however I again ask they are in safe and secure neighborhoods with high ratings. I am happy to review all accommodations prior to booking the rooms if you are unsure.

Wouldn’t it be easier to hire a wedding photographer who is already located at the locations of my wedding?

Not necessarily. Typically hiring photographers from your wedding location is not only more expensive but riskier in terms of receiving your images. Past clients have decided against hiring destination photographers for a couple of reasons. It is not only harder to coordinate with them about the details of your wedding day, but also if you were to have any questions about your images, rather than having to deal with a prolonged and inconvenient correspondence, you could simply just come directly to us for assistance.