Beautiful engagement session in Cabo San Lucas featuring Ricardo and Sonia.

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We started our Cabo Engagement photo session on the famous Lover’s Beach. The weather was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for a better location.

Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0001 Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0002 Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0003 After a little while, we walked over to Divorce Beach to get a few shots of the Pacific Ocean.Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0004 Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0005 Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0006 We had to take a boat tour to get to the beaches, so had the tour guide stop in front of El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (Lands End) for some photos.Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0007

The next morning we decided to wake up early in order to catch the sunrise. This allowed us to have almost completely empty beaches except for a few early runners.Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0008 Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0009 I love to shoot on a longer lens and tell my couples to take a little walk and enjoy themselves. Shooting on the longer lens allows me to be farther away and give them some space to be themselves.Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0010 Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0011 Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0012 Cabo-San-Lucas-Engagement-Photography-Ricardo-And-Sonia-0013

Engagement Photography Location:Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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